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Erga Group, founded by Elie and Randa Gebrayel in 1980, thrived and succeeded in becoming one of the leading engineering & consulting firms in the country. Erga was established in Beirut, but quickly expanded to include offices in Paris, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Fujairah, Abou Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Egypt and Nigeria, with projects spanning across an even wider horizon, stretching from the Gulf region, to North Africa and all the way to Eastern Asia.

During the Lebanese civil war, it moved some of its activities to Europe, mainly Paris - France. Instead of succumbing to hardships, it gained a wide range of experience. Now, in synergy with Lebanon’s rebirth, Erga Group is as active as ever, broadening its horizons and scope of activities while remaining at the forefront of architectural design and maintaining a high level of technical expertise. From its earliest days, Erga adopted the latest and most advanced technologies and is considered as a pioneer in Architecture and related fields.

The company’s growth has brought it large-scale prestigious projects in Lebanon and the Middle East Region. Its projects have required the company to acquire Master planning and other specialist skills such as Urban Design, Transportation, Traffic Planning and Medical Consultancy. The Group’s founders are well aware of today’s realities and complexities while they pursue their objective of leadership, they strive to make their homeland the most attractive in the area.

Erga has consolidated its position through a team of experienced from Architects to Designers, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, from Interior Architects to Planners, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Contract Administrators. All working in conjunction to produce a high level of technical expertise, to offer each and every client solutions that are dynamic, flexible and efficient, stressing on quality, value and profitability.

With over 3,000 projects to date, Erga has transformed into a regional exporter of Lebanese professional skills with more than 500 staff.  Its projects range from urban scale developments and cities to the design of residential, commercial, and offices towers,  hotels,  hospitals, mixed-use complexes,  resorts,  palaces,  as well as individual habitats, with collaborations that include local and international specialists and cooperative ventures with International Signature Architects.

Elie & Randa Gebrayel Architects

Inspired by a common vision and a talent combining efficiency and imagination, functionality and beauty, ERGA's design team has established a name in first-class architecture & engineering.
Providing personal involvement in every project, Elie & Randa Gebrayel are the guiding inspiration that keeps ERGA team growing forming an impacting creative force. With three decades of dedication and integrity thus far, Elie & Randa Gebrayel continue to improve their standards of performance with every project.

Chairman and CEO of ERGA. In 1980’s, along with Randa Gebrayel, he founded ERGA based on a commitment to design excellence. As founder and principal of ERGA, he has developed a global strategy and has shaped the firm into one of the best in the region.

Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of ERGA. She also founded other companies related to ERGA Holding SAL such as ERGA Group SAL, ERGA Management SAL, ERGA Group Overseas, ERGA FGAD...


Seeking to be a leading sustainable architecture firm, enriching cities around the world with state-of-the-art design and technology.

Creating from space a lifestyle, focusing on a sustainable development to meet present and future needs relying on creativity, comprehensive solutions, professionalism and commitment to quality.

- Creativity
- Agility
- Ethics
- Honesty & Integrity
- Social Responsibility




At Erga, we offer a multidisciplinary design service aimed at raising the quality of the built environment. We provide a full range of architectural services related to the planning, programming, design, drawings, document production, cost estimation, bidding and maintenance and refurbishing projects.

Our experienced architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape designers and master planners complement our wide range of construction consultancy services by providing holistic design solutions that reflect an understanding of the full project lifecycle.

We take a comprehensive approach to design, working from inception to completion to turn an architectural vision into reality.


We, at Erga, thoroughly research, meticulously study and methodically develop our urban designs based on environmental concerns, social equity, economic viability, relationships between people and places, urban movement and form, nature and the built fabric with a view to creating places that work out perfectly and that are sustainable in the long term.

We strive for balance between the various stages of planning, transportation, architectural design, development economics, landscape and engineering, to conceive and ultimately achieve a good vision.

By establishing such connections, our clients can reach their investment goals and satisfy their aspirations, while we add up to the natural environment.

This experience forges and strengthens a permanent bond between a project and its surroundings.


Erga's interior design team delivers creative interior solutions that combine design and functionality, using the latest technology and its years of experience.

Our team works closely with the client throughout the creative process, exploring every possibility and assessing the best option.

We follow a collaborative and interactive process to create exceptional environments that meet clients' needs. We use traditional, custom and modern elements to create harmonious designs.

Our interiors have a distinctive, modern elegance inspired and informed by the client's needs and spirit.


Our team in landscape engineering, planning and urban planning are committed to design joining three factors similarly: creativity, sustainability and social well-being. Landscape architecture dealing with colorful spaces gives a charming spirit and touch to even the most beautiful architectural design. That is why we give this field a big importance in Erga.

Our concern is to create aesthetic spaces for large multi-functional site or small projects. We have a deep respect for nature, natural systems and insist on sustainability aligning our daily work with the philosophy of Erga and its vision designing for the present and for the future generations.

It's this approach and our passion for the business that allow us to consider each project as a whole with high end details.


Construction work supervision is a profession of experience, expertise, and know-how. Our team members who meet these requirements bring their knowledge, use their capacity in taking action and define an appropriate behavior in order to adapt the implementation plan and organization to the site characteristics. They manage interfaces with operational functions at each phase and identify security risks, health, environment and project-related control.


With a solid experience of over 30 years, Erga Management acts as client representative assuming with determination major project management and construction management tasks.

Skilled professionals supported by a qualified multidisciplinary workforce are the winning formula that distinguishes the company. Teams working in coordination, determine the needs, collaborate in developing plans in order to conceive appropriate solutions depending on the complexity of each term.





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2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2007 | 2005 | 2000

2011 DSIP Dubaiat | May

the company started in 1982 in Lebanon and began working in dubai as a consultant company in 2003. This company has been invovled in more than 310 projects in Dubai. Their biggest projects include the Rolex tower and the Burj Al Salam...

2010 B'here | Annual Review Lebanon

From Restoration to designing the tallest tower in Lebanon 

Erga has been involved with Solidere from 1994 until present, working on the restoration and development of 40 projects, including Saifi Housing in collaboration with International Signature Arhitects 

2010 El Binaa |

Al Hada Competition
Physical and architectural harmony
The first winner: Erga
Providing total harmony with mountain environment

2009 الإقتصاد والأعمال | آذار

2009 Real | October

from a bird on a green board to a phoenix in architecture

"To begin with, creativity is a struggle for perfection and a never-ending process where one's experience never reaches a saturation level...
...So it is always a struggle and a challenge to bring in harmony the specific and the universal, the local and the global, the technological and the humanitarian...
...My vision is not enforced on the client but rather acts like a mirror transforming and even fine-tuning his or her dream-home or project into reality..."

2007 الراية الإقتصاديّة | مايو

2007 تحقيقات ومتابعات | العدد 522 - مايو

شارك المهندس ايلي جبرايل في ملتقى قطر الإقتصاديّ الثاني في الجلسة السادسة التي ناقشت التحديات التي تواجه قطاع الإنشاءات في الشرق الأوسط

2005 مجلة الخليج | العدد 9375 - يناير

2000 الإقتصاد والأعمال | نيسان



Elie Gebrayel
Chairman - Chief Executive Officer
Elie Gebrayel |  Chairman - Chief Executive Officer
Diploma in “Hautes Etudes en Architecture” | Institut des Beaux Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut, 1980

Founder of Erga | 1980
Randa Gebrayel
Vice Chairman
Randa Gebrayel |  Vice Chairman
Diploma in “Hautes Etudes en Architecture” | Institut des Beaux Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut, 1980

Co-Founder of Erga | 1980
Elie Abou Ghazaleh
Chief Operating Officer - Partner
Elie Abou Ghazaleh |  Chief Operating Officer - Partner
Paul Abi Dergham
Chief Design Officer - Partner
Paul Abi Dergham |  Chief Design Officer - Partner
Architectural Diploma | Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Beirut, 1995

Joined Erga in 2000
Fouad Abou Rjeily
Chief Technology Officer - Erga Academy Dean - Partner
Fouad Abou Rjeily |  Chief Technology Officer - Erga Academy Dean - Partner
Fadi Boustany
Chief Business Development Officer - Partner
Fadi Boustany |  Chief Business Development Officer - Partner
Architectural Diploma | Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Beirut, 1991

Joined Erga in 2005
Elie Chebly
Chief International Officer - Erga Qatar Branch Manager - Partner
Elie Chebly |  Chief International Officer - Erga Qatar Branch Manager - Partner
Dany El Murr
Head of Mechanical Department - Partner
Dany El Murr |  Head of Mechanical Department - Partner
BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering | ESIB, Beirut, 1997
BS in Electronics| Faculty of Sciences, Lebanese University, Fanar, 1995

Joined Erga in 1998
Ziad Helou
Head of Electrical Department - Partner
Ziad Helou |  Head of Electrical Department - Partner
MS in Telecommunications | 2001
BS in Electrical Engineering | ESIB, Beirut, 1997

Joined Erga in 1998
Fady Achkar
Head of Structural Department - Partner
Fady Achkar |  Head of Structural Department - Partner
BS in Civil Engineering | ESIB, Beirut, 1995

Joined Erga in 1998
Bassem Charbel
Projects Operation Director
Bassem Charbel |  Projects Operation Director
MS in Civil Engineering | Lowell University, USA, 1989
BS in Civil Engineering | Southeastern Massachusetts University, USA, 1987

Joined Erga in 2004
Nassib Ayoub
Project Director - Partner
Nassib Ayoub |  Project Director - Partner
Firas Kossaifi
Project Director - Partner
Firas Kossaifi |  Project Director - Partner
Maram Atallah
Team Design Leader - Partner
Maram Atallah |  Team Design Leader - Partner
Sami Ghanem
Team Design Leader - Partner
Sami Ghanem |  Team Design Leader - Partner
Joseph Rahal
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Rahal |  Chief Financial Officer
MA in Business Administration | American University of Beirut, Beirut, 1975

Joined Erga in 2007
Rany Gebrayel
Chief Administrative Officer
Rany Gebrayel |  Chief Administrative Officer
Pierre Saghbini
Erga Saudi Lebanese Riyadh Branch Manager
Pierre Saghbini |  Erga Saudi Lebanese Riyadh Branch Manager
Joseph Sawaya
Erga Progress Branch Manager - Dubai
Joseph Sawaya |  Erga Progress Branch Manager - Dubai
Paulette Maghariki
Erga Studio Branch Manager - Antelias
Paulette Maghariki |  Erga Studio Branch Manager - Antelias
Elias Moussa
Head of Civil Department
Elias Moussa |  Head of Civil Department
MS in Civil Engineering | Lovain University, Belgium, 1982
BS in Civil Engineering | Lovain University, Belgium, 1980

Joined Erga in 1996 
Alfred Riachy
Head of PMC Department
Alfred Riachy |  Head of PMC Department
BS in Civil Engineering | Lebanese University, Roumieh, 1996
ISO 9000:2000 series Auditor – Lead Training Course, Lloyd’s
Primavera V 3.0 – V 3.1 Lesson Certificate

Joined Erga in 1996
Ali Obeid
Head of Quality Control Department
Ali Obeid |  Head of Quality Control Department
BS in Architecture | Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction & Architecture, Russia, 1994

Joined Erga in 1992
Georges Saliba
Head of Regulation & Permit Department
Georges Saliba |  Head of Regulation & Permit Department
Nadine Jamouss
Head of Interior Design Department
Nadine Jamouss |  Head of Interior Design Department
BS in Interior Design| Lebanese University, Beirut, 1996

Joined Erga in 2008
Mitri Harmouch
Head of Landscaping Section
Mitri Harmouch |  Head of Landscaping Section
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Abed Simon
Team Design Leader
Abed Simon |  Team Design Leader
Text Goes Here
Walid Badri
Team Design Leader
Walid Badri |  Team Design Leader
Joseph Saad
Team Design Leader
Joseph Saad |  Team Design Leader
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Maguy Anis
Team Design Leader
Maguy Anis |  Team Design Leader
Text Goes Here
Antoine Nehme
Team Design Leader
Antoine Nehme |  Team Design Leader
Text Goes Here
Sana El Khoury
Team Design Leader
Sana El Khoury |  Team Design Leader
Elissa Zeidane
Team Design Leader
Elissa Zeidane |  Team Design Leader
Naji Haddad
Team Design Leader
Naji Haddad |  Team Design Leader
Jean Hajj
Team Design Leader
Jean Hajj |  Team Design Leader
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Fida Tabbah
Team Design Leader
Fida Tabbah |  Team Design Leader
Elie Sfeir
Head of Architectural & Civil QA/QC Section
Elie Sfeir |  Head of Architectural & Civil QA/QC Section
Mazen Lahham
Head of Software Development Department
Mazen Lahham |  Head of Software Development Department
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
Certified Web Master (CIW), (C|EH)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
BA in Business Administration | Beirut Arab University, Beirut, 1994

Joined Erga in 2002
Patrick Antoun
Head of IT Department
Patrick Antoun |  Head of IT Department
BS in Computer Sciences | IPNET, 1997

Joined Erga in 1998
Myriam El Helou
Head of Quality Management Department
Myriam El Helou |  Head of Quality Management Department
MBA | Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA), 2010
MA in Industrial Technology | FS, USJ, 2005
BS in Biology | FS, USJ, 2003

Joined Erga in 2007
Elie Abi Khalil
Head of Document Management Department
Elie Abi Khalil |  Head of Document Management Department
Diploma in “Hautes Etudes en Architecture” | Institut des Beaux Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut, 1984

Joined Erga in 1988
Jihad Bou Saba
Head of Human Resources Department
Jihad Bou Saba |  Head of Human Resources Department
BA in Advertising & Marketing Studies | Faculty of Humanities, Notre-Dame-University (NDU), Loueizeh

Joined Erga in 2008
Selim Bou Malhab
Head of Office Logistics Department
Selim Bou Malhab |  Head of Office Logistics Department
Administrative Management
Computer Programming | CIT, Beirut, 1990

Joined Erga in 2007